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Our team specializes in emergency lock rekey issues.

Preventive maintenance tips for door locks as advised by professional locksmiths.

Lock repair is absolutely necessary

Having the locks replaced regularly is very important but the experts of our Locksmith in Beverly Hills also recommend lock repair. It's the best method to ensure that the locks will be resistant against threats for a long time and your house will be well protected.

Pick the right security door locks

When you are picking new locks, don't just choose at random. Make sure the brand is good and the locks are tested and appropriate for your doors and windows. Also make sure that lock installation takes place with the best possible specifications and precision.

Avoid putting too much pressure

Sometimes, you try to open the locks and it can’t. You would normally force open it. This is not good since it will worsen the problem. According to Locksmith Beverly Hills experts, you have to use lubricant or spray to keep it smooth.

Security measures tailored to your needs

Each property has different needs and so does every family. It's different residing in big family houses and apartments. Of course, all main doors and windows must have equally good security locks but it's not the same securing windows at ground floors and windows at the fifth floor.

Get window locks for better security

Window locks are small simple devices to install and can dramatically improve the security of your property. Many home insurance companies now insist that you keep them, and only cover you if they reported to be fitted on every window. It's very important to at least have them featured on lower level windows and those that can be easily accessed by a person on the ground.

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