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How do I deal with splits on the door frame?

According to our experts in Beverly Hills you are better off assuming that the entire structure has been compromised by an attempted break-in. That means that you repair the frame and the door itself. It goes without saying that the locks will have to be changed and strengthened in order to avoid a repeat.

Is it sensible to install a bigger key of a lever lock?

This is a question of taste and availability. The latter might be a better idea, but the former is a personal matter. Nevertheless you can take advantage of pocket fabric technology which can be quite advanced depending on the manufacturer that you are using at the time.

When should I buy new locks?

You should buy new locks if your current locks are not in good working condition. You can also do this if you want to upgrade your existing locks. If your locks are made of good quality, repairs can be done and there is no need to replace them entirely.

Is it prudent to have more than one key duplicate available?

Locksmith Beverly Hills experts can tell you that while it is indeed safer to have more than one key duplicate available, having too many could compromise security because it increases the risk of one of your keys being lost or falling into the wrong hands. Only have as many duplicates as you will need.

What’s the difference between a mortise lock and a cylinder lock?

A mortise lock requires a pocket—the mortise—to be cut into the door where the lock is fitted. This type of lock is most often used in commercial construction. A cylindrical lock, on the other hand, is installed through the door and has a knob or lever on either side of the door. The knob or lever pulls back the latch when the knob is turned. A cylindrical lock can be installed more quickly than a Mortise lock.


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