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How To Choose a Good Quality Door Lock for Your Needs

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Evaluating New Door Locks for Quality

Evaluating New Door Locks for Quality

Once again, it’s time for lock replacement. You can expect to keep the new locksets for years to come so you cannot afford to make a bad choice. With so many models in the market, however, how do you choose the best one? The advice shared below will help you with this.

Don’t Underestimate the Grade

No one expects property owners to be experts in locks and keys. In general, locksets are complex devices that require rigorous testing to ensure that they work to provide a high level of security. There are trained experts who can do this for you. To make things super easy, they assign grades to models sold in the market. The requirements for each grade are determined by the American National Standards Institute. Grade one locks offer the highest level of security followed by Grade two and Grade three ones. It is important to keep this in mind when you opt for new lock installation.

Unfortunately, there are manufacturers who mislead buyers that they are getting Grade 1 or Grade 2 locks while the door locksets in questions have only certain components which have been given this particular grade. That is why you should always look closely at the devices that you are buying. Read the information on the box carefully and ask the sales assistant to explain everything that you don’t understand.

Pay Close Attention to the Make and Features

You would want your new lock to be extremely strong and durable. For this, it should be made from brass or steel. Don’t go for cheaper locksets which are made from zinc coated with brass. Zinc can get brittle over time and break easily. There is no point in putting money into a lock which won’t last long no matter whether you plan a spring bolt or deadbolt installation.

One of the major features that you need to look into is the throw. This is the distance which the bolt extends to when the door is locked. A device with aone inch throw would be a great choice for practically any property. You should also ensure that the door lockset comes with a reinforced strike plate. It is attached to the frame with longer screws and is much thicker than its traditional counterparts. Try to get a device with six rather than five pins when you opt for lock change.


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